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Trending: Thief texts owner after stealing goods

( Updated: 2014-08-17 15:03

Massive crash on freeway in Tianjin city, technology reveals average Chinese faces, man arrested for having two wives.

Tanker trucks sprinkle water on wedding

Trending: Thief texts owner after stealing goods

Twelve tanker trucks sprinkled water on eight cars that were part of a wedding convoy when they crossed Egongyan bridge in Chongqing city on Saturday, as a special gift for the newly-wed couple Zhou Yanping and Wang Jianglin. Chongqing Evening News reported.

The trucks were from the bride's company Chongqing Binnan Urban Construction Limited Co., whose boss thought of the idea to sprinkle the party with water.

But not everybody was impressed. Chen Lu, a worker at a community on Nanbin road, said it was a waste of public resources as these vehicles should be for public works. Wang Lingmin (online name) questioned why no government department came out to stop them.

"Those tank trucks are the company's private properties, so they don't need to report to us. Personally, I think it is a good idea as it also cools the hot city," said a staff member at Nanbin Road Administrative Committee.


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60 vehicles collide on freeway

More than 60 vehicles collided on the Hangu section in Tianjin city of the Changchun-Shenzhen freeway at around 6:30am due to heavy fog on Saturday morning.

No one was killed on the scene though many were trapped inside their vehicles after the collision.

All the injured were rescued and sent to the nearby hospital in three hours while the cleaning and repairing work is underway, CCTV news reported.


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Technology reveals average Chinese faces

Trending: Thief texts owner after stealing goods

Through public investigation all over the country, a popular TV program portraits an average female face and a male one by using portrait stimulation technology.

The average male face has a squared forehead, slightly raised eyebrows, moderate size eyes with double-fold eyelids, a high nose and a narrow and thick mouth.

The average female face resembles the melon seed with a broad forehead, crescent-like eyebrows, single-edged eyelids, a long and slightly hooked nose, and a long and narrow mouth.


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Man arrested for having two wives

Man in Guangzhou has been arrested for alleged bigamy, New Express reported on Friday.

The man, surnamed He, reportedly married a Hubei province woman in January 2011 and a second woman in Guangzhou later that year.

In 2013, the first wife called her husband as he had been away from home for a long time, and a woman answered saying she was He's wife. The two women realized that He had married twice and the police was alerted.


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Vegetative woman, 50, hospitalized for 5 years

A 50-year-old woman has been hospitalized for five years in a vegetative state at a hospital in Shenzhen, Yangcheng Evening News reported on Friday.

Tang Xigui, the woman's husband, sued the hospital in September, claiming it should be held accountable for his wife's condition after she underwent brain surgery.

A local court ruled that Tang should pay a medical bill of 830,000 yuan ($135,000). The hospital director said it would waive all fees as long as her family moved her out.


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Thief texts owner after stealing goods

Man in Shenzhen who allegedly stole gold and jewelry worth 3 million yuan ($488,000) felt remorse and texted the owner where the loot was hidden, Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Friday.

The 26-year-old man was a cousin of the jewelry company's boss and had worked as a manager at the company. He reportedly texted the boss's wife in the hope that the police would stop investigating. He was detained on Wednesday.


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