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Expo Special: APP showcases papermaking at Expo Milano

By Hao Nan (China Daily Europe) Updated: 2015-06-28 10:37

Deputy CEO of APP-China Zhai Jingli attended China Pavilion Day on June 8 at the ongoing Expo Milano 2015, together with delegates from the Chinese and Italian governments and representatives of companies and commerce chambers worldwide.

Italy's Expo Milano 2015, which opened on May 1, has become a focus of worldwide attention. It has attracted exhibitors from 145 countries, three international organizations and 13 non-governmental organizations, and is expected to host 20 million visitors from around the world during its six-month run.

The China Pavilion has become one of the most visited national pavilions and APP-China, the Chinese branch of Asia Pulp and Paper, is one of the global partners of the pavilion.

 Expo Special: APP showcases papermaking at Expo Milano

High-quality paper is produced by APP subsidiary Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper. Photos provided to China Daily


"Papermaking originated in China and paper holds an important place in the history of the Chinese civilization," Zhai said. "China's paper industry is lagging behind advanced countries due to resources and environmental protection, but many paper companies including APP-China are making more efforts to move forward."

Commenting on the company's cooperation with the Milan expo, Zhai said world expos have long served as important platforms for countries to have exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, science, technology, society and culture.

"We hope to show the world some advanced and environmentally friendly papermaking techniques through the platform," she said.

APP-China is China Pavilion's exclusive provider of paper products, providing customized brochures, notebooks, envelopes and writing paper.

The envelopes, for instance, are made of a high-quality paper that is smoother than usual. The paper does not contain fluorescer, so can also be used to make food-packaging.

"The paper industry has a close connection with the environment. Given the fact that adjustment of China's industrial structure is entering a 'new normal' phase of more sustained but slower growth, APP-China hopes to lead the industry to carry out a series of innovations that will be beneficial to sustainable environmental and social development," she said.

Zhai noted that the company has helped its subsidiaries improve their sustainable development management for years in terms of water resources, energy and control of contaminated gas and solid wastes to create a "green" paper production chain.

Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper, for example, has invested nearly 3.45 billion yuan ($555.8 million) for pollution prevention and treatment and to make sure that all emissions meet or are better than the national discharging standards.

Gold Huasheng Paper, a supplier of carbonless copying paper and office-used paper in Jiangsu province, has also invested about 700 million yuan to build facilities such as sewage treatment plants with a daily handling capacity of 5 metric tons and 7,000-ton reclaimed water recycling facilities.

Its reclaimed water recycling facilities can reduce wastewater discharge by 2.56 million tons and chemical oxygen demand by 73 tons a year.

The treated water is used to irrigate trees and grasslands, and wash the filters at those facilities.

"Exploring and investing in clean production technologies cannot only better protect the environment, but also helps us maintain long-term economic benefits," Zhai said.

"APP-China will always value product quality and innovation to satisfy the needs of customers," she added.

APP-China will host a Corporate Day at the China Pavilion on Sept 25. Both Chinese and overseas visitors will be able to learn more about the "Chinese splendid traditional papermaking culture" and experience "advanced paper production techniques and products", Zhai said.

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