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Should Hong Kong limit mainland visitors?

( Updated: 2015-03-02 08:19

Editor's Note: Chief Executive CY Leung said he will speak with central government leaders about the possibility of limiting the number of tourists from the Chinese mainland in response to mounting complaints from Hong Kong residents over various inconveniences caused by the rising number of such visitors. Is it reasonable for the special administrative region to limit mainland visitors? Our forum readers share their opinions on this issue and you are also welcome to add yours.

Hesham (China)

Hong Kong is renowned as one of the world's freest markets and every year visitors from all over the world go there to purchase commodities which are also imported from around the globe. The market will still function when supplies fall short of demand. Improper administrative measures, such as limiting visitors, cannot fundamentally solve Hong Kong's economic problems and the self-sealing measures will not boost Hong Kong's prosperity.

Should Hong Kong limit mainland visitors?

The number of mainland Chinese visitors to Hong Kong during Lunar New Year fell for the first time in about 20 years as they have felt increasingly unwelcome amid political unrest in the city, Feb 24. REUTERS/Liau Chung

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