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Some tourists' behavior still causing a stink

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-03-03 08:23

Thailand's Wat Rong Khun, known as the White Temple, will reportedly build more toilets exclusively for locals and non-Chinese tourists, following complaints of some Chinese visitors' inappropriate use of the existing facilities. Comments:

The temple officials are taking no easy decision by building separate toilets, however it might be interpreted. On the one hand, they may find it hard to say no to Chinese tourists for the sake of local tourism and local economy; on the other, it calls for their intervention in tourist behavior that sabotages public facilities and the environment. For those who despise the temple's "discriminatory" attitude toward them, they can choose not to go there. More importantly, it requires all Chinese tourists to behave better on overseas trips., Mar 2

Maybe a few Chinese tourists fail to be hygienic enough when using toilets in Thailand, but the Temple's decision to add new toilets barred to Chinese visitors is hardly politically hygienic.

Xu Zidong, a professor with Lingnan University in Hong Kong, Mar 1

Those who lack toilet etiquette may not intend to embarrass other Chinese tourists or damage China's global image. It is a sort of collective unconsciousness that led them to focus only on their own convenience. The promotion of the rule of law can serve as way to better instill a sense of discipline and public morality in people.

Yangtze Evening News, Mar 2

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