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Is receiving gifts a corrupt act for teachers?

By liu5222512 (China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-09 16:24

I am quite skeptical of his story, I want to know why the teacher has not been awarding his child the honorary title. According to what I have learned, only through a series of comprehensive assessments can the title be decided.

There are always around 70 students in one class, while only about five students can get the title. So there is no feasible criterion or practical way to get this done. For the academic record is just one factor of that, and whether his other performances are good enough or not, only his teacher has the final say.

Because the title plays a part in entering a good junior middle school, all the parents take it seriously. Then every parent is willing to do anything to please his child’s teacher, like an old saying goes:

The end justifies the means.

And gift-giving is one of these good means. I began to consider that if gift-giving is not so rampant in school, why parents are repeatedly warned of this matter?

And if it is so popular to the extent that we get accustomed to this, if it does not exist at all, there is no need to ban teachers from receiving gifts.

Now what and how to send to teachers has become a headache for many parents.

Is that right or wrong for giving gifts itself?

As a man of moral integrity, he should get what he wants resorting to his real strength rather than through other dirty or unjustified means.

And those parents who think of themselves as gentlemen will definitely go through a spate of mental struggles to make a decision. It is a fairly time-and-energy-consuming and nerve-racking issue needed to be dealt with seriously.

And if you finally decide not to present gifts to the teacher after thinking it over and over, your mood still can not calm down in the upcoming days. For instance, you will worry whether your child gets criticized, or other pressures or unfair treatments from his teacher. You will wonder whether they are connected with your decision now and then, and you will say to yourself:

‘I can be noble without doing that, but my child is innocent. If he gets hurt for this, what should I do?’

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, you may decide to do the thing. Now you need to think more and do more, for if you can not do it well, things will go even worse, all your previous efforts do nothing to help your child and you get opposite results.

So it is necessary to do some surveys before you present your gifts, such as, the age, hobbies and taboos regarding  the recipient.

Otherwise you will be despised when the gifts are too small. On the contrary, you will be supposed to expect too much when those are too big. Neither is good.

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