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Inner Mongolia has made significant progress in boosting comprehensive strength and economy growth over the past decades. With the new leadership, Inner Mongolia plans to put earnest efforts in improving its economy, culture, and people’s livelihoods, expecting more sustainable development in the future.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase the prosperity of the autonomous region, specifically its ethnic diversity and economic development.


    Hohhot applies big data to dairy industry


    Li Jiheng inspects Baotou rare earth research center


    Wind turbines power-up Ulanqab


    High-tech cashmere products exported overseas

  • Inner Mongolia to prioritize grasslands conservation

    During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s Ministry of Finance has proposed to allocate 4.58 billion yuan ($685.91 million) to Inner Mongolia each year, representing an annual increase of 530 million yuan.

  • Inner Mongolia to focus on poverty reduction

    In 2016, the annual budget for poverty reduction in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region rose to 5.79 billion yuan ($870 million), a year-on-year increase of 21 percent, according to the local finance department.

  • Desertification control along railway route

    Hundreds of staffers from Hohhot Railway Station worked on controlling desertification along the Linhe-Ceke railway in sparsely-populated deserts.

  • Horses gallop through snow-covered land

    Horse performances were held during the 14th Ice and Snow Nadam in conjunction with the 7th Art Festival of Mongolian Winter Costumes held in Xilin Gol League, on Jan 6.

  • Camel race begins in Bayannur

    A 50-kilometer camel race was held in Urad Rear Banner of Bayannur League, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 3.

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