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Savoring Chinese micro-towns: Tibet

Updated: 2012-09-29 11:09
(China Daily)

Savoring Chinese micro-towns: Tibet

Among Zhangmu's souvenirs is Nepalese puppets. Xi Da/Provided by Traveler Magazine

Zhangmu provides the right mix

The town receives travelers from all directions everyday. But although traffic jam is common, the behaviors of the drivers are marvelous.

Trucks from China and Nepal line up the streets but instead of honking like in other cities, drivers in Zhangmu have the patience of saints.

Generally, life in the micro-town appears relaxed - it is common to see people drinking tea or playing cards.

The town is only 90 km from Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, which explains why the shops are full of Nepalese goods.

Fresh vegetable and fruits are delivered everyday from Nepal to Zhangmu and sold at low prices.

Chinese and Nepalese residents can roam freely within 30 km around the border. And both Chinese and Nepalese currencies are acceptable in Zhangmu.

If you go

-Zhangmu is popular for its hot springs, snow mountains, lakes, grasslands and temples.

-You can have the most original Sichuan hot pot and Nepalese curry in Zhangmu.

-Path from Xigaze's Dingri county to Zhangmu has unique views. Several mountains of more than 8,000 meters above sea level - including Qomolangma - can be seen from Zhangmu.

Adapted from an original story which first appeared in Traveler magazine.

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