Wugang cutting the osmanthus tree

Updated: 2011-09-07 14:52


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Wugang cutting the osmanthus tree

Another legend goes that there is a huge verdant osmanthus tree, as tall as 500 meters, in front of the Guanghan Palace (Wide and Cold Palace). Under the intertwined tree branches there is a man who is wielding an ax chopping it.

But this tree has magical power and the cut pointing can immediately recover every time. The endless chopping and the recovering goes on for thousands of years and the tree is said to be still growing. Wugang, the man cutting the tree, is said to be from the Han Dynasty. He once followed an immortal to practise immortal skills. Wu successfully learned the skill and flew to the heaven. Soon afterward, he made a serious mistake and was demoted to the Moon Palace (Guanghangong) to do this painful and endless task.

Editor: Shi Liwei