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  • Liuzhou's industrial revolution remembered

    2012-06-05 10:26

    A museum of industry opened recently in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

  • Longji Terraces

    2012-05-25 15:09

    The Longji Terraces are located in Longsheng County about 80 kilometers from Guilin.

  • Beer fish

    2012-05-25 14:56

    Beer fish is one of local specialties of Guangxi with spicy and delicious flesh.

  • Guilin rice noodle

    2012-05-25 14:45

    Guilin rice noodle is a well-known food in Guilin, just like Guilin's unique hills and water.

  • Yangshuo of Guilin

    2012-05-25 14:34

    The landscape at Guilin is the best on earth; and the landscape at Yangshuo is the best in Guilin.

  • Picturesque Lijiang River

    2012-05-25 14:15

    The area surrounding Lijiang River attracts numerous travelers every year with its beautiful landscape and fresh air.

  • The Yao ethnic group

    2012-05-16 14:25

    The Yaos, with a population of 2.13 million, live in mountain communities scattered over 130 counties in five south China provinces and one autonomous region.

  • The Zhuang ethnic group

    2012-05-15 16:43

    The Zhuang ethnic minority is China's largest minority group. Its population of 16,178,811 approaches that of Australia.

  • Artist of the handmade fan

    2012-05-15 15:00

    Fan artist Zhao Qiaofa never imagined traditional fans would bring the winds of change to his life.

  • Chinese Herbal Tea, a Time-honored Healthy Drink

    2012-05-15 14:46

    Chinese herbal tea is a drink concocted from medicinal herbals to ease the summer heat in human's body or sore throat in the winter.

  • Dongxing, a Longevity City in Guangxi

    2012-05-11 14:06

    The Jing ethnic group lives on three small islands on the southern tip of a peninsula in Dongxing city in southwest.

  • Rhythms of ancient life

    2012-05-15 13:48

    Huangyao town offers all the charms of Guilin but none of its tourist kitsch and clamor.

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