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Updated: 2013-04-12 16:17

Contemporary Dance

Yo Gee Ti National Choregraphique Centre of Créteil & Val de Marne Käfig Company

Mourad Merzouki, who was previously shown in China with his show 'Recital', in collaboration with dancers from Sichuan and Beijing in 2008, dazzles us again with this choreography inspired by his encounters with contemporary Taiwanese dancers. Yo Gee Ti , which means 'organic', confirms the freedom and creative power of the French choreographer. Here, hip-hop goes beyond a simple technical prowess and slips into the skin of contemporary dance. Choreography that is lively, haunting, and poetic. Without a doubt, Mourad Merzouki offers us his most accomplished show. A fascinating alchemy!

Shenzhen, 20:00, June 7, Children's Palace

Shanghai, 19:30, June 11, Yihai Theatre

Beijing, 19:30, June 15,People's Liberation Army Opera House

Organizers : Beijing BEC Performing Arts, PLA Theatre, Beijing Joyway Culture &Media Co, Itd , Association des danseurs de Shanghai, Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Shanghai Dunhuang International Culture Art Agency Soutien

Support : French Institute

Feng Shui or Water and Wind Métamorphoz Company & Dangster Company

Two prestigious companies, Dangster (China) and Metamorphoz (France), combine traditional dances from Yunnan and hip hop. Is knowing oneself easier than knowing things? Have our technological advances taken us further away from what is essential, the knowledge of oneself? Through this creation that blends modern urban dance and the traditional dance of Yunnan minorities, Mohamed Rouabah invites us to rediscover our deep self, to free our emotions by getting carried away in a musical composition by Hacène Merzouki, by mixing neo-contemporary rhythms and the sounds from Yunnan.


Kunming,19:30, April 20, Kunming Theatre

Chongqing, 19:30, April 25-26, Chongqing Tiandi Cultural Theater

Chengdu, 20:00, April 28, International Huawei Zixin Theater, T: (028) 84456688

Organizers : Kunming Theatre, Chongqing Tiandi, Chengdu Perform & art group

Classical dance

Collaboration between Paris Opera Ballet & the Central Ballet of China

For five years, the Croisements Festival, supports collaboration between the Central Ballet of China and the Paris Opéra Ballet in the frame of a program called “Touring Dance Conservatory”. French star choreographers and dancers travel to Beijing each year to develop new projects with the best of classical Chinese dance company. In 2012, Bertrand D'At choreographer joined the China Central Ballet presenting a unique directory.


Beijing, 19:00, June 7-8, Peking University Performance Hall, T : 010-62752278

Organizers : China Central Ballet, Peking University

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