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Designer unveils Mo Yan's dressing code

Updated: 2012-12-10 09:03
By Mei Jia (China Daily)

Designer unveils Mo Yan's dressing code

One of Mo's outfits, a black woolen suit that goes with a gray cotton shirt and is complemented by seals engraved with his name, in Chinese calligraphy. [Photo Provided to China Daily]

"In Mo's case, I want the clothes to send the signal that he is sociable and easy-going. On top of which I added Chinese elements such as the cloth, pattern and collar," Chen says, adding that if the Chinese elements were too "far-fetched" it would be a sartorial disaster.

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"Basically, first of all, I hope Mo looks great, then feels at ease, so he can let the clothes announce to the world who he is - a down-to-earth and intelligent Chinese writer.

"I respect him and he shares my views. I'm totally honored that Mo chose a Chinese designer," Chen says.

Mo told the national broadcaster CCTV on Wednesday, before boarding his flight for Stockholm, that he would dress according to his own preferences, bearing in mind Nobel etiquette.

"'When in Rome, do as Roman do'," he commented.

The seal design, for Chen, is a playful element and has previously appeared in her evening gown collections.

She is adept at combining contrasting textures like hemp, silk and lace, and she highlights this by adding seals of varied densities and layers. Mo also has the option of wearing a Sun Yat-sen collar.

"Low-key but gracious," Chen says of Mo's style.

Designer unveils Mo Yan's dressing code

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