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Mo Yan's success sparks public sensation

Updated: 2012-12-06 13:52

Mo Yan has won this year's Nobel Prize in Literature, the first Chinese national to be awarded the honor. His novel Red Sorghum first came to wide attention on the big screen both at home and abroad in 1987. The film was directed by Jiang Yimou and marked the acting debut of Gong Li. Mo Yan's success has created a great sensation among the Chinese public.

The excitement of Mo Yan's winning of the Nobel Prize in Literature has swept the public attention from the internet, all the way, to the bookstore.

His famous works like "The Frog" and the "Big Breasts & Wide Hips" sold out long before the announcement of the prize.

Qin Hui, Pr Manager, Beijing Xinhua Bookstore Co., said, "Mo Yan's books immediately sold out this morning after we opened our store. We'll try our best to increase our supply and we're accepting book orders."

Many readers who came early in the morning were told only his latest novel is available "Fatigue of Life and Death." But their excitement far outweighed any disappointment.

"I think Mo Yan's success is not only the success of Chinese literature, it's also a reflection of our country's overall development in economy and culture."

"This news came as a surprise to me. I've been following his works. It's such an honor!"

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