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( Updated: 2015-11-03 01:56

The exhibition takes place in the Catacombs Galleries at St George's Hall from 7-15 November, the moving photographic exhibition highlights the Shenyang World War II Allied Prisoners Camp, originally known as Mukden POW Camp, it's the best preserved of more than two hundred prisoner-of-war camps established by Japan in the Asian-Pacific. Forgotten Camp – Exhibition on Shenyang World War II Allied Prisoners Camp offers visitors a chance to relive the POWs' dark days in the camp and illustrate their tenacious, relentless and intelligent struggle against the Japanese soldiers through historic photographs as well as archives, diaries, memoirs and caricatures on display.

The UK premiere runs for nine days only at St George's Hall, which sits within the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a port city chosen to site the exhibition because of its vital role in Britain's survival and eventual victory in the WWII.

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