Children in line for a visual feast

By Chen Nan ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-01-06 07:42:11

Children in line for a visual feast

Tout-Petits Cinema, a French project combining animation and concerts, will be on a Chinese stage for the first time this month. Provided To China Daily

In the heart of Paris lies the Forum des Images, an audiovisual landscape created in 1988 by the poet Pierre Emmanuel and designed by architect Paul Chemetov. With more than 5,000 hours of digital content in an array of genres, such as documentaries, fiction, short films and animated films, and more than 2,000 screenings each year, Forum des Images offers cinema lovers of all ages a rich and diverse selection of material.

Among its programs, Tout-Petits Cinema, a project combining animation and concerts, is one of the most successful.

Started in 2008 and specifically designed for children, above the age of 18 months, the program will be brought to China for the first time this month.

So far, the Forum des Images has produced 25 programs, which have been staged in Paris annually during the winter vacation in France.

For its China debut, the Forum des Images has designed a new show using a series of animation films from the United States, Russia and France. Most of the films have been shown at international festivals in Los Angeles, Toronto and Berlin.

Titled Paris Baby Fest, the show comprises two parts: On the Wing, which will showcase four short animation films including Hop Frog directed by Leonid Shmelkov and My Mom Is an Airplane directed by Yulia Aronova, and Big and Tiny will feature five short animation films including The Little Hedgehog by Marjorie Caup and Giraffe by Anastasia Sokolova.

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