China seeks to bolster cultural bond with Africa

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2014-02-10 15:44:27

The diversified Chinese culture has aroused interest in African people as China seeks to bolster its cultural bond with Africa.

Chinese television soap opera, A Beautiful Daughter-in-law, depicting young people's lives in the modern society, resonates with African audiences who come across the same problems in their families.

Another Chinese TV series, Beijing Love, aired on the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) program, is appealing for young people.

China Radio International aired a Chinese family television series, Nana and Dudu, in local Swahili language.

Bringing these television series into the living rooms of African families is a direct and vivid display of the modern Chinese culture and the common values shared by the Chinese and African peoples.

Chinese TV channels like China Central Television (CCTV) is airing in most African countries and African media have signed agreements with Chinese media outlets.

Through these television series and Chinese media, Africans are exposed to China's rich and ethnically diverse culture.

Bringing Chinese culture into the living rooms of Ugandans will facilitate cultural exchanges and skills development, said Rose Namayanja, Uganda's minister of information and national guidance.

"One of the attributes that makes China a great nation is their hardworkingness, creativity and patriotism," she said, adding that "I trust the films will entertain and mobilize Ugandans to emulate and adopt those similar values."

In addition, several Chinese cultural groups visited Africa to showcase Chinese culture, a critical factor in boosting people-to-people relations.

"We can organize some more cultural activities because that is very important for the mutual understanding between our two peoples and the two countries," China's ambassador to Uganda Zhao Yali said.

The Confucius institutes serve as another channel for African students to get closer to the Chinese culture and learn the Chinese language.

China seeks to bolster cultural bond with Africa

China seeks to bolster cultural bond with Africa

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