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Beijing budgets for weather modification to reduce smog

Updated: 2014-03-18 15:39

Beijing has allocated 20 million yuan ($3.23 million) for weather modification aimed at smog reduction this year in the annual budget released by the capital's meteorological bureau on Monday.

It is the first time weather modification aimed at smog reduction has been listed in the budget, which will be used on smog-reduction experiments and the purchase of relevant equipment.

A document released by the China Meteorological Administration said that by 2015, local weather authorities will be able to use weather modification methods to improve the air quality when heavy smog occurs.

China has used artificial rainfall to clear the skies for years. In 2008, artificial rainfall helped Beijing ensure a dry night for the Olympics opening ceremony.

Guo Xueliang, a weather manipulation expert at the China Meteorological Administration, was quoted by People's Daily as saying artificial rainfall is a relatively effective way of reducing air pollution.

"It is still in the experimental phase," Guo added.

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