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The 18th CPC Central Committee, composed of more than 200 senior Party officials, convenes its third plenum on November 9-12 to discuss major economic and social issues concerning comprehensive reform.

Key CPC meeting opens to set reform agenda

The Communist Party of China (CPC) kicked off a key meeting in Beijing on Saturday with a discussion on deepening reform top on the agenda.

Premier vows local governance reform

Premier Li Keqiang made a speech at a meeting on functional transformation and institutional reform of local governments.

  • Chinese leader urges innovation in anti-corruption

    2013-11-23 21:38

    A senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official called for institutional innovation in carrying out anti-corruption work.

  • Xi explains China's reform plan

    2013-11-16 09:24

    Reform and opening-up will decide the destiny of modern China and it is also the key to realizing the dream of national rejuvenation, said Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

  • CPC: China to further open up its economy

    2013-11-16 08:48

    China will further open up its economy by broadening market access, boosting regional cooperation and opening up its interior and border cities.

  • China to optimize army size, structure: CPC decision

    2013-11-16 08:43

    China will optimize the size and structure of the army, adjust and improve the proportion between various troops, and reduce non-combat institutions.

  • China to establish official residence system

    2013-11-16 08:39

    China will explore ways to establish an official residence system to curb potential corruption of officials in housing, according to a CPC decision.

  • Urbanization takes toll on wetlands

    2013-11-15 10:58

    Ten percent of China's wetlands have vanished over the past decade as urban development has advanced, a forestry official said at the launch of a national wetlands conservation project on Wednesday.

  • Two points of interest

    2013-11-15 06:39

    Just like the bare bones nature of the communique of the Communist Party of China plenum, the subsequent guesswork was anticipated.

  • People's well-being objective of deepening reform

    2013-11-14 11:16

    Putting people first is the objective of a communique issued after the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, said a high-level Chinese economist.

  • World Bank head hails China's reform plan

    2013-11-13 11:01

    World Bank President Jim Yong Kim lauded on Tuesday that the message from the key meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is "extremely positive" and very encouraging.

  • China interacts more closely with world

    2013-11-12 17:28

    China has undergone and is still undergoing tremendous changes, which are having an increasingly significant impact on the world.

  • Better lives for all the goal

    2013-11-12 07:27

    Significant advances have been made in improving people's livelihoods, despite ever-growing pressures from the economic slowdown.

  • Financial reform 'key move'

    2013-11-12 02:48

    That Premier Li Keqiang compared China's financial reform to "a key move of a chess piece to revitalize the whole game of the Chinese economy" exemplifies the reform's significance to the Chinese economy.

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