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  • Abe 'shut the door': CPPCC spokesman

    2014-03-03 02:18

    Sino-Japanese dialogue will be possible only after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ends words and deeds that jeopardize bilateral relations.

  • Sino-Japanese tensions high on agenda

    2014-02-27 09:21

    The two sessions are just around the corner and it is widely expected that strained China-Japan relations will be a hot topic for Chinese lawmakers and political advisers when they gather in Beijing.

  • US ambassador to Japan visits Yokota Air Base

    2013-11-21 16:12

    Newly appointed US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy speaks to US military personnel stationed at Yokota Air Base on the outskirts of Tokyo November 21, 2013.

  • Japanese business leaders visit China

    2013-11-20 08:07

    More than 100 influential Japanese entrepreneurs are visiting China in search of business opportunities brought about by Chinese economic reforms.

  • US envoy to Japan Caroline Kennedy meets emperor

    2013-11-20 00:00

    Newly arrived US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy presented her credentials to Japan's emperor on Tuesday, traveling by horse-drawn carriage into the Imperial Palace in downtown Tokyo.

  • China urges Japan to improve bilateral ties

    2013-11-12 19:02

    China on Tuesday urged the Japanese government to heed advice to improve bilateral ties through concrete action.

  • Strained ties dissolve hope for trilateral conference

    2013-11-08 00:12

    A meeting of senior diplomats from China, Japan and the ROK failed to agree on holding a trilateral summit amid Japan's tensions with its neighbors.

  • Antiquated ideas source of Abe strategy

    2013-10-29 00:24

    The outdated thinking of "the zero-sum game" has prompted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to frequently label China as a troublemaker.

  • Forum urges stable relations for China, Japan

    2013-10-28 00:29

    A stable China-Japan relationship is in the interests of the two countries, Asia and the world, participants in the Beijing-Tokyo Forum agreed on Sunday.

  • Beijing Consensus

    2013-10-28 00:17

    The ninth Beijing-Tokyo Forum took place in Beijing on Oct 26 and 27. About 80 people of vision and insight from China and Japan frankly exchanged views on politics, economy, security, media, and the deteriorating attitude of the Chinese and Japanese people toward each other.

  • Diplomat: China and Japan on same side

    2013-10-27 11:28

    Kazuo Ogura, advisor to the Japan International Exchange Foundation, called for Japan and China to join hands together to outline a blueprint for Asia at the Beijing-Tokyo Forum in Beijing.

  • China, Japan should have crisis management system

    2013-10-26 10:27

    Yasushi Akashi, former undersecretary of the United Nations, called for Japan and China to work together in establishing a crisis management system to reduce misunderstanding and bring intense bilateral relations to track

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