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English version of website offers visitors rich views

By Shi Xiaofeng and Zhao Xinying in Hangzhou (China Daily) Updated: 2016-09-04 08:10

The English version of Zhejiang province's official website provides a shortcut for foreigners to get to know this east area of China, both during and after the G20 Leaders Summit, which takes place on Sunday and Monday.

The site,, was launched in late August in Hangzhou, the provincial capital.

"We launched the website in hope of providing a window for the outside world to get to know facets of Zhejiang, one of the most vibrant and diverse provinces of China," said Lai Yingjie, director of the province's information office.

Backed by the information office and China Daily, China's global newspaper, the website has a visually appealing design. Columns for news, investment, travel, services, culture and G20 information offer a wide range of channels and perspectives for understanding the province.

Lai said the website, with its immediate updates of the latest local news and detailed service information, will meet the diverse needs of guests from all over the world.

"Through the website, people will see how fantastic Zhejiang is as a place to live, visit, do business and learn about culture," he said.

Ikenna Emewu, a senior editor at the Beijing Bureau of The Daily Sun newspaper of Nigeria who came to cover the summit, said the website is "absolutely" convenient for people to learn about the province.

Like many people in other parts of the world, Emewu used popular English-language search engines to gather information and do research about Zhejiang before coming to the province.

"Not many people outside China can read or understand Chinese. People like me know more English, so an English platform like this is essential," he said.

He added that if some information about Zhejiang or China is released in Chinese, he might not be interested. But English platforms are attractive because they help the outside world learn about the province and all of China through a familiar language.

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