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First Respond becomes first Certified B Corporation in Chinese mainland

( Updated: 2016-08-08 20:21

First Respond, a Shanghai-based social enterprise, recently became Chinese mainland's very first Certified B Corporation.

B Lab, a non-profit organization founded jointly by Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan and Andrew Kassoy in 2006, has launched a global campaign with the purpose of redefining business success and discovering new business paradigm using business as a force for doing good.

B Lab has developed the B Corp certification system which will facilitate all corporations creating social value and contributing to make the world a better place.

First Respond and B Corp share the same value that a company should not only strive to become "the best in the world", but "the best for the world". As a professional provider of first-aid training, services and solutions in China, the primary goal of First Respond is not only to seek values for shareholders, but also to create a social value. With innovation, cutting-edge technology, and effective management, First Respond is pushing forward the establishment of "Emergency System Using Social Platform" in the hope of fostering a "new social norm" for mutual aid and mutual help in case of emergency.

As of June 2016, First Respond has provided safety related services to nearly 600,000 marathon runners in more than 140 races in 22 cities. First Respond achieved seamless connection with 120 emergency centers and successfully saved the lives of 10 marathon runners suffering from sudden cardiac arrests. First Respond has provided first-aid training to tens of thousands of people. First Respond has also worked with more than 100 clients such as Shanghai Tower and Alibaba Corporation to set up their own emergency and first-aid SOS systems in China.

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