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New law prevents release of foreign species into the wild

By CAO YIN ( Updated: 2016-07-02 19:46

Individuals and organizations are not allowed to release animals freely into the wild, according in to a law adopted by China's top legislative body on Saturday.

People and organizations should select species that can adapt to the places where they plan to set them free, in a move to avoid disturbing local residents' production and life, as well as not to destroy the local ecological system, according to the Law on Protection of Wildlife.

Those who harm local ecology and bring personal or property damages to others through the release of wildlife will face legal liabilities, said the law.

Yan Xun, chief engineer at the Department of Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management under the State Forestry Administration, said that people's release of wildlife should be conducted under the guidance of professional institutes.

Yan gave the answer during a press conference after the law was approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

"People who release alien species and bring damages to others or to the local environment will face criminal liabilities in line with the Criminal Law," he said.

Those who release local species, such as snakes, and harm others, will be also blamed under the new law, which will be effective since January 2017, he added.

The law takes wildlife protection as priority, and also stipulates that the government will regulate the use of wild animals as well as improve stricter supervision in the industry.

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