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Real estate seeing biggest demand for talent

By Yao Yao ( Updated: 2016-06-22 15:03

Real estate seeing biggest demand for talent

Students and their parents seek advice on choosing majors and universities from staff members of Renmin University of China, Nanjing University and other institutions at a consultation fair held in Ruijing High School, North China's Tianjin municipality, June 11, 2016. [Photo/IC]

An analytical report on professions that are short of talent and jobs that offer higher salaries could not have come at a better time as students start choosing university majors after appearing for the national college entrance exam, also known as gaokao.

According to the study, sectors related to real estate, construction, securities, funds, engineering, e-commerce and internet are seeing the biggest demand for talented workers.

The demand in internet sector is because of the shortage in established companies as well as the increase in startups, according to LinkedIn, world’s largest professional network.

To meet the demand, internet companies are also seeking sought-after employees from service industry, telecommunication, electronics, financial, consumer goods sector and the cultural and media industry.

The report highlights that junior-level staff members have a higher chance of promotion if they move to work at an internet company, while only 13.5 percent of senior-level executives can expect promotion when they move to work at an internet company.

The report also lists the top 10 businesses offering highest average monthly pay.

The professional services or consulting industry, including accounting, law and human resources, rank first with an average monthly pay of 10,649 yuan ($1,618).

The remaining nine businesses are intermediary services with 9,325 yuan, energy and mineral industry with 9,303 yuan, securities and investment industries with 8,848 yuan, online game businesses with 8,247 yuan, IT services with 7,625 yuan, network devices with 7,424 yuan, trust-related businesses with 7,344 yuan, real estate-related industries with 7,263 yuan, and communication services with 7,243 yuan.

Commenting on the report, an internet user named guanyan009 said: "There is actually a serious shortage of talent in all businesses, especially in rural areas of China."

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