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Man saves neighbors from fire, 98 percent of skin burnt

By Jin Dan ( Updated: 2016-05-27 14:16

Man saves neighbors from fire, 98 percent of skin burnt

Wang Feng is still not out of danger. [Photo provided by his wife Pan Pin]

A 38-year-old man, father of a son and a daughter, caught public attention after he was severely burnt during his attempts to rescue his neighbors out of an apartment fire, The Beijing News reported.

Wang Feng was the first person who detected the fire that broke out at around 1:00 am on the early morning of May 18 in the three-story building in Nanyang, Henan province. He and his family lives in one of the rented apartments in the building.

"We live on the first floor and sensed the danger earlier than others," his wife Pan Pin said. "After taking our whole family out of the building, he asked me to take care of the children and dial the emergency number. Then he dashed back to the building."

The first time, he came back with three other people. Then he rushed to the building once more and helped more people out of the building.

"When he emerged from the fire the third time, he was all burnt, bleeding with severe skin damages," Pan said.

Even after being taken into the ambulance, he mumbled unconsciously to Pan, "There are still people there."

As he has suffered burns over 98 percent of his body, he will need several skin-grafting operations, which will cost more than a million yuan in total. And the rehabilitation cost will depend on the effect of the treatment, said Zhao Junxiang, the director of the hospital, in an interview with The Beijing News.

However, Wang's family cannot afford such a large amount as he only earns less than 3,000 yuan ($457.5) per month doing temporary work and his wife taught in a private school before with a monthly salary of about 2,000 yuan.

Wang's heroic deed inspired many people to offer economic aid to him. "Some of them are our neighbors he has rescued from the fire, and some are strangers who have offered help," Pan said.

An online drive for Wang's treatment was also launched on a crowd-funding platform by some anonymous internet users.

Within one week, they have already received donations worth of more than 2.21 million yuan in total.

With the money, Wang underwent the first operation on Wednesday, with only 2 percent of his burns being treated.

But Pan appealed to the public to stop the donation because what they have received is already enough to cover the treatment cost. "Some of the donators are also not very well-off," Pan said. "The donated money is enough now. I don't want it to be a waste of public charity."

She has already had the online project terminated and decided to close her account used to generate funds.

She said all the money she has received will all be used for Wang's treatment. And she will donate the extra amount to other people in need.

As of now, Wang is still not out of danger but his wife expresses no regret because she believes this is what he decided to do regardless of the consequences.

Man saves neighbors from fire, 98 percent of skin burnt

Pan Pin, wife of Wang Feng, shows part of the list of donators. [Photo provided by Pan]

Man saves neighbors from fire, 98 percent of skin burnt

Wang Feng is with his children before the incident. [Photo/VCG]

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