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Ten most heartwarming stories about Spring Festival Rush

( Updated: 2016-02-03 17:11
Ten most heartwarming stories about Spring Festival Rush

A 'railway mother' gets a kiss from a child passenger. [Photo/]

196 'mothers' ready for tiny tots on trains

A total of 196 female conductors from Chengdu railway section of Sichuan province have been dubbed "railway mothers" after they volunteered to pay special attention to children travelling with their parents or grandparents during the Spring Festival, reported.

Conductor Zhao Congying is one of them. On Jan 25, 2016, two girls, both less than three years old, boarded her train at Neijiang railway station of Sichuan province with their father. The elder sister, nicknamed Jingjing, was crying continuously which caught Zhao's attention.

After talking with the father, Zhao realized that the father was taking the children to spend the Spring Festival with their mother this year. But the two girls had grown up with their grandmother and felt strange with their father, who did not have much experience of taking care of children.

To comfort Jingjingl, Zhao held her and talked to her. The girl gradually stopped crying and even agreed to eat with Zhao's help. As the girl calmed down, her father felt relieved and expressed gratitude to Zhao.

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