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Call for better detention centers to ensure justice

[2015-03-04 07:53]

Facilities in detention centers should be improved and suspects given better protection, according to political advisers and legislators.

Reluctant celebrity seeks to inspire other young women

[2015-03-04 07:48]

Deputy Rehangul Yimir was watched by 700 million people when she appeared on this year's Spring Festival gala, and many others enjoyed a recent TV drama based on her life story.

Military parade to highlight peace commitment

[2015-03-04 04:23]

China’s first military parade marking the end of World War II will not be an exercise in “muscle-flexing”, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

Moon rover Yutu functioning but stationary: Scientist

[2015-03-03 18:08]

China's first lunar rover Yutu (the Jade Rabbit) is still working but cannot move, a scientist with the lunar probe mission told Xinhua.

China set to launch fifth lunar probe in 2017

[2015-03-03 17:49]

China is expected to launch the unmanned Chang'e-5, its fifth lunar probe, in South China's Hainan province, a top Chinese space scientist says.

Crime of soliciting underage prostitutes may be abolished

[2015-03-03 17:34]

China's top legislature will study the possibility of abolishing the crime of "soliciting underage prostitutes" after China's top judicial authorities showed support to the move.

Reform tops political advisors' agenda in 2014

[2015-03-03 17:19]

About one sixth of the proposals from China's national political advisors in 2014 went to reforms, said a report here Tuesday.

Top political advisory body to discuss reform

[2015-03-03 16:31]

Unfazed by downward pressure on economy, China's top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng pledged Tuesday further efforts to help advance reforms at the start of the most important two weeks on China's political calendar this year.