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More assistance for grain-producing regions

[2015-03-06 20:01]

China will offer more policy and fiscal assistance to its 13 main grain production regions to further ensure its grain security over the next several years, a national agricultural official said on Friday.

Academic: scrap ideological exam in postgraduate admissions

[2015-03-06 19:57]

A national political adviser has said he would propose to exclude ideological and political theory from the compulsory entrance exams for postgraduate students, people.cn reported on Friday.

Legislator: Top colleges should enroll more students from Henan

[2015-03-06 19:43]

Key colleges and universities should expand their enrollment from Henan province and the province should be considered if Beijing aims to relocate some of its educational institutions, a deputy to the nation's top legislature has said.

Employers who fire second child mothers not supported by law

[2015-03-06 19:36]

Employers in Beijing who fire female employees for having a second child illegally are not supported by the law.

Work report signals change in family planning policy

[2015-03-06 18:47]

There has been a shift in focus on family planning in this year's government work report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang on the opening day of the third session of the 12th National People's Congress in Beijing, March 5, 2014.

China to reduce coal consumption for better air

[2015-03-06 18:29]

China will slash coal consumption by 160 million tons in the next five years to reduce air pollution, according to an action plan released on Friday.

'Shanxi crucial in Beijing's fight against smog'

[2015-03-06 17:42]

Beijing will not be able to tackle its pollution problem if Shanxi province in north China is not integrated into a coordinated development network that centers on Beijing, Wang Rulin, Shanxi's Party chief, said on Thursday.

Advisors want details about recovered money

[2015-03-06 17:38]

Political advisers at the "two sessions" demanded to know where the money recovered in anti-corruption campaign or saved in frugality drive has been used.