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Legislation Law revision sparks heated debate

[2015-03-11 18:18]

Expanding power means giving more cities legislative authority, while restricting it means the boundary of the legislative authority for those 49 cities will be limited. The bone of contention focused on these two aspects when NPC deputies held panel discussions about draft revisions to the Legislation Law on Tuesday.

Organ harvesting ban not to cause shortage: expert

[2015-03-11 12:24]

China's ban on the harvesting of organs from executed prisoners for transplant will not cause the shortage of donated organs, an expert said on Wednesday.

Official urges Dalai Lama to forsake evil ways

[2015-03-11 12:15]

A senior political advisor urged the Dalai Lama to "forsake his evil ways and return to the good," stressing that Tibet will not descend into chaos.

How ambition turned a student into entrepreneur

[2015-03-11 10:58]

When Liu Qingfeng was a first-year PhD student 15 years ago, dreams of making piles of money were the last thing on his mind.

Workplace death toll 'too high'

[2015-03-11 08:11]

More than 66,000 Chinese died in workplace accidents last year, a death toll that's "too high", a senior official in charge of the country's work safety issues said.

Prison management to get heightened scrutiny

[2015-03-11 08:10]

Prosecutors in Guangdong province have conducted a thorough investigation of prisons and have improved their oversight to prevent prison escapes, as well as illegal paroles or commutations of sentences for convicted ex-officials or wealthy individuals, a senior officer from the Guangdong Provincial People's Procuratorate said.

Wildlife returns to Changbai Mountain reserve

[2015-03-11 08:09]

Thanks to ecological protection efforts by the local administrative committee, wild animals have returned to Changbai Mountain in Northeast China.

Xinjiang people join IS, says top official

[2015-03-11 08:09]

A top official from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region confirmed that Xinjiang residents have joined the radical group Islamic State.