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Delegation seeks funds for Tibet rail project

[2015-03-14 08:17]

The construction of the Sichuan-Tibet railway should be incorporated into the country's next five-year plan, according to the Sichuan delegation at the annual session of the National People's Congress.

New line will link central Yunnan with Laos border

[2015-03-14 08:17]

Work on a major section of the Trans-Asian Railway is expected to begin this year, a senior official has revealed.

Environmental cleanup offers hope to farmers who struggle to grow crops

[2015-03-14 08:17]

For more than 30 years, Lan Nianying, a Party official from the hinterlands of southeast China, has been battling unfavorable farming conditions.

Expert says pets may have infected pandas

[2015-03-14 08:17]

Tourists who took their pets along when they visited a wildlife center in Shaanxi may have spread the canine distemper virus that killed four giant pandas, according to National People's Congress deputy Hou Rong.

'Ethnic unity is key to harmony'

[2015-03-14 08:17]

Eliminating estrangement and improving understanding among people from different ethnic groups in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region are crucial to the future of the region and China, the chairman of the region said.

Proposals focus on economy, reform

[2015-03-14 08:17]

China's top political advisers finished their annual gathering in Beijing on Friday and submitted over 5,857 proposals to the central government to improve economic development, governance and people's livelihood.

Colleges asked to push practical skills

[2015-03-14 08:17]

Deputies and members at the two sessions are urging an evolution of China's undergraduate education, with more application-oriented approaches, to tackle the mismatch between supply and demand in the labor market.

Taking the fight to the terrorists

[2015-03-14 10:10]

China's lawmakers are putting the final touches on new, unprecedented legislation aimed at preventing attacks, identifying and apprehending suspects.