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Li shows deputies the way forward

[2015-03-12 07:28]

Han Lihua, a National People's Congress deputy and mayor of Qitaihe, a former mining hub in Heilongjiang province, was on a special mission when he arrived in Beijing for this year's NPC meeting.

Country applauds China's help with Ebola

[2015-03-12 07:28]

Aid assists in establishing hospital complex and treatment center

Hainan Special: Ecology key to island's success

[2015-03-12 07:28]

South China's island province Hainan has become an ideal place for health-conscious tourists, according to a senior official.

Hainan Special: Hainan grasps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

[2015-03-12 07:28]

Hainan province in South China is looking to play a major role in the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiatives, its governor said. The provincial authorities are eying up opportunities to build a major sea transport and tourism hub in the region.

Officials consider visit rule changes

[2015-03-12 07:31]

Regulations covering individual visits to Hong Kong and multiple-entry permits are to be revised to promote contact between tourists from the mainland and the region's residents.

Presidential seal of approval

[2015-03-12 07:27]

As the nation's top legislative and advisory bodies meet, President Xi is using his experience of life in the provinces to provide a 'hands-on' approach to different issue.

Vote on Legislation Law a step closer

[2015-03-11 20:13]

China's top legislators have reviewed a proposed amendment to the Legislation Law and revised items regarding legislative authority, a legal procedure paving the way to a vote on the draft.

Increase in retirement age to cover pension gap

[2015-03-11 18:24]

A top social security official says China will extend people's working age to 65 "step-by-step" to make up for a possible pension fund gap.