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NPC warns against calls for independence

[2015-03-07 08:55]

Any remarks advocating independence for Hong Kong will be "intolerable" and "jeopardize both Hong Kong society's stability and the country's security and interests", said Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

Women who go to work get health warning

[2015-03-07 08:50]

Researchers find that work-related health problems are posing a severe threat to women who juggle family and career.

Shanxi plans to cut graft at root

[2015-03-07 08:29]

Shanxi province will pay attention to investigating more graft cases in the selection of new government officials and curb corruption at its root.

Li calls Bohai passage a 'must-have' for region

[2015-03-07 08:26]

Premier Li Keqiang firmly supports the idea to build a cross-Bohai Strait passage, equivalent to nearly two times the length of the UK's Channel Tunnel, a move to promote regional logistics and encourage investment.

Registration-based IPOs likely to be rolled out this year

[2015-03-07 07:24]

The registration-based system for IPOs is likely to be implemented this year and the Shanghai Stock Exchange is getting ready to handle the work.

Police chief calls for deepening mainland-HK cooperation

[2015-03-06 21:51]

The Chinese mainland will further cooperate with the Hong Kong police to maintain prosperity and stability, State Councilor and Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun said on Friday.

Top economic planner pledges pricing liberalization

[2015-03-06 21:18]

The Chinese government will capitalize on stable inflation to reduce its controls on pricing this year, an official with the top economic planner said on Friday.

Auto expert highlights both new energy and emissions reduction

[2015-03-06 20:41]

China's top auto expert said developing new energy vehicles does not conflict with updating the national emission standards of traditional vehicles and that new energy vehicles are facing up to challenges.