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Chinese lawmakers pave way for rural land use pilot program

[2015-02-27 21:33]

Lawmakers on Friday gave the greenlight to eased land-use rules in selected areas, which will help the implementation of rural land reform pilot projects.

Defendants allowed to don normal clothing

[2015-02-27 08:07]

Criminal defendants and appellants will not need to wear jail clothes when they appear in court, under a new judicial reform guideline.

Inspections uncover officials with false records

[2015-02-27 07:33]

Inspections are continuing in China following many officials were found having falsified their ages and work experience to gain promotion.

Watchdog to zero in on top civil servants

[2015-02-27 07:33]

China's top anti-graft agency will set up eight new permanent offices in central government entities this year in an effort to overhaul and strengthen supervision.

Chinese military to further promote rule of law

[2015-02-27 07:24]

China's Central Military Commission (CMC) urged the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to promote the rule of law in all elements of the army.

Major challenges in store as key meetings approach

[2015-02-26 08:30]

Issues to be discussed at the annual sessions of the national legislature and top political advisory body are the most complicated and challenging in more than a decade, according to observers.

Draft airspace law to counter terrorism

[2015-02-26 07:52]

A draft proposal for China's first anti-terrorism law was reviewed by lawmakers on Wednesday and, if approved, is likely to accelerate improvements in the management of aviation airspace to guard against terrorist attacks

War on terror no reason for retreat on rights

[2015-02-26 07:43]

Global terrorism should not be a warrant for retreat on citizens' rights, as China's first Counter Terrorism Law sends a welcome signal in this regard.