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Poor translation targeted in confusing signs of the times

[2015-03-13 09:31]

Foreign visitors are sometimes confused by hilarious or unfortunate translations on signs in public areas in China.

Xi calls for closer civil-military integration

[2015-03-13 07:08]

Chinese President Xi Jinping called to strengthen defense and the combativeness of its armed forces, by greater civil-military integration.

China considers granting Sansha city local legislative power

[2015-03-12 21:13]

National legislators proposed to grant the local legislative power to Sansha city of South China's Hainan province, said the national legislature Thursday.

Proposal to end 'lost in translation' embarrassment

[2015-03-12 20:33]

The government has been urged to standardize the translation of public signs and notices, Xinhua reported on Wednesday

Hebei to close 2,500 brick kilns to cut pollution

[2015-03-12 19:41]

Northern China's Hebei province will close all 2,500 solid brick-tile kilns within one year as part of its effort to cut pollution, said the provincial government on Thursday.

Strong opinions on ending judicial errors

[2015-03-12 18:35]

In reports by the SPC and SPP, wrongful conviction should be corrected once it is discovered. How to put an end to wrongful convictions has been a hot topic".

Reforms reshape judges in Shanghai

[2015-03-12 15:35]

A total of 113 judges from Shanghai courts whose spouses or children are lawyers have quit the frontline positions such as trial and enforcement, Southern Metropolis Daily quoted Cui Yadong, president of the Shanghai municipal higher people's court, as saying.

Why do Chinese leaders join panel discussions

[2015-03-12 15:07]

Senior Chinese leaders have participated in dozens of panel discussions with the country's legislators and political advisors in the past few days, demonstrating "democracy with Chinese characteristics" at the country's most important annual political event.