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Science and technology minister obsessed with 'makers'

[2015-03-09 20:35]

China's top science and technology official said creativity is key to tackling the economic slowdown as good ideas can produce jobs to recharge the growth engine.

Law to combat soil pollution expected this year

[2015-03-09 19:08]

The long-waited Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan is expected to be launched in this year, said Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie at a CPPCC proposal processing and negotiation conference on March 8.

Tianjin eyes central role in three-nation trade

[2015-03-09 18:13]

Tianjin is set to develop into a strategic area in the economic corridor connecting China, Mongolia and Russia, Huang Xingguo, Mayor of Tianjin, said on Monday.

Mobile energy will be new growth point

[2015-03-09 18:00]

Mobile energy and thin-film solar power generation will become the new driving force of China's economic growth, with a market value of 8 trillion yuan ($1.28 trillion) in three to five years.

China mulls harsher anti-corruption laws

[2015-03-09 18:39]

Chinese legislature is speeding up efforts to make harsher laws to fight corruption, a senior law official said Monday.

China's anti-terrorism bill to put for a vote 'in due time'

[2015-03-09 17:32]

The draft law on anti-terrorism will be put for a third reading and a vote "in due time" according to the top legislature's plan for 2015, said an official with the National People's Congress (NPC) here Monday.

Deputy: Pollution control should be part of officials' evaluation

[2015-03-09 16:44]

The treatment of air pollution by officials should be part of their performance evaluation, and third parties should be enabled to play bigger roles in pollution control, a deputy has said.

Yao Ming seeks to shed star status

[2015-03-09 15:13]

Yao Ming is unhappy with the media continually labeling him "star CPPCC member" and has urged more attention be paid to his work as purely a "CPPCC member".