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Tianjin announces pensions for martyred firefighters' families

[2015-09-10 08:09]

Each family of the firefighters who died while trying to save lives in the Tianjin blasts will be granted compensation worth $360,669.

Death toll rises to 161 in Tianjin Blast

[2015-09-05 19:30]

The remains of one of the 13 missing in the Tianjin warehouse blast has been identified, bringing the total death toll to 161.

Monument to be built on Tianjin blast site

[2015-09-05 13:08]

A monument will be built on the site of the deadly Tianjin blast in memory of those who lost their lives in the accident last month.

12 held, firms named over their role in Tianjin explosions

[2015-08-27 10:03]

China's top procuratorate accused 11 officials and port executives of neglecting management of dangerous chemicals storage and transportation.

Tianjin blasts death toll rises to 139

[2015-08-27 09:53]

The death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions two weeks ago has risen to 139, and 34 others remain missing, rescue authorities said on Wednesday.

12 suspects arrested for Tianjin blasts

[2015-08-27 09:20]

Authorities arrest 12 people suspected of involvement in massive explosions in Tianjin that killed 139 people and devastated the port area.

Tianjin death toll up to 129

[2015-08-25 06:03]

Rescue authorities updated the death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions to 129, with 44 others missing, on Monday.

Tests show survivor 'not poisoned'

[2015-08-24 07:08]

Han Fengqun,found at the center of the Tianjin blast site about 60 hours after the accident, is in stable condition and shows no signs of being poisoned by toxic chemicals.

Cyanide in soil near Tianjin blast zone not in dangerous level - official

[2015-08-22 17:46]

Cyanide has been detected in the soil near the blasts site in Tianjin but the concentration is within national standards, an official said on Saturday.

Death toll in Tianjin blast rises to 121

[2015-08-22 17:41]

The death toll from a warehouse blast in north China's Tianjin has risen to 121, including 67 firefighters and seven policemen.

Not all blast neighborhoods listed in safety check: Report

[2015-08-22 15:23]

Safety report on the owner the warehouse that exploded last week only included one of the few residential compounds near the deadly blast site in Tianjin.

Not all blast neighborhoods listed in safety check: Report

[2015-08-22 10:59]

A report on Ruihai International Logistics, which owns the blasting warehouse, only includes one of the few residential compounds near the site.

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