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China's new five-year plan and the two centenary goals

[2015-11-12 20:56]

The new five-year plan for 2016-2020 is probably the most significant plan of China's 66 years as it will transform China finally from a feudal society into a modern economy.

Five-Year Plan should lead to sustainable future

[2015-11-12 09:33]

Instead of encouraging more people to move to urban centers, China should help farmers stay put by improving education and medical care in the countryside.

Anti-graft fight has no end

[2015-11-12 07:47]

There will be no end to the anti-graft campaign until officials dare not, do not want and are not able to abuse their power.

Strategy needed to balance population structure

[2015-11-11 08:03]

The two-child policy is a welcome change, for instead of "controlling" the second child, it "encourages" couples to have two children.

Maternity insurance key to promoting new family planning policy

[2015-11-10 08:16]

The government should make maternity insurance an integral part of the social insurance system if it wants to minimize the problems posed by the fast aging population.

Reform and appropriate policies can support growth

[2015-11-10 08:16]

The implementation of proactive fiscal policies and increased investment will serve as the most direct means to push up the country's economic growth rate.

Tackle smog effectively

[2015-11-10 07:54]

It is urgent that local governments do a better job of controlling air pollution and mitigating the effects of the smog.

China's 13th Five-Year Plan to unleash more opportunities for global development

[2015-11-09 09:59]

A new five-year national socioeconomic development plan to be released by China, which will charter an explicit blueprint for the country's development over the next five years, will also provide more opportunities for the development of other countries.

Social protection key to poverty alleviation

[2015-11-09 08:20]

China has an unmatched record of achievement in poverty reduction over the past three and a half decades - accounting for 72 percent of the global reduction in extreme poverty.

Let the market determine the number of Chinese children

[2015-11-06 21:18]

China should leave family size to market forces driven by economic realities and personal choices. I suspect that many young Chinese couples will choose not to have two children.

Two-child policy to balance demographics

[2015-11-05 08:21]

The change in the family planning policy, irrespective of the controversy over its timing, will in the long run boost economic growth.

Correct anti-pollution move

[2015-11-05 08:02]

It is not rare for some local governments to do their utmost to block the country's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution for short-term economic gains.

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