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WeChat-based site for hiring students launched

By Wang Yanfei ( Updated: 2015-06-09 15:30

The first WeChat-based platform for college students seeking jobs has been launched.

Applicants fill in a Student’s Profile section on the service, called Shixidaren, where detailed information about their education, course works and skills are provided for recruiters.

Companies can post jobs and internships and connect with applicants using information from student profiles, without wasting time sorting through applicants for untargeted job postings.

“We aim to increase the efficiency of the hiring process by introducing students to opportunities customized to their experience, and by helping recruiters reach targeted applicants who meet the criteria,” said Li Jinghong, CEO of Shixidaren.

Apart from recruitment the platform offers free training opportunities.

Under the Training Camp section, students can choose a three-day course that teaches practical skills and interview strategies, including how to present their skills to potential employers.

“The course really helps reveal where my weakness lies,” said Ge Li, a senior student in Beijing who took the class during the pilot period. “There are so many things to learn before I enter the workplace.”

“Many students tend to have a rosy view of their preparation for their future career,” said Li . “Employers want to see that candidates are likely to succeed more than purely in an academic setting.”

The platform has teamed with many enterprises, including Jumei an online retailer of beauty products, and Tongrentang, the largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine.

“We hope that the connections and training course we provided can be helpful throughout students’ job seeking,” said He Yiming, manager of Shixidaren.

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