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Inspectors scrutinize local units' finances

By Zhao Lei (China Daily) Updated: 2015-06-03 07:39

The People's Liberation Army has sent inspectors to the seven headquarters of its military commands to check their financial affairs and management practices, PLA Daily reported on Tuesday.

The inspections will focus on 10 types of units, the newspaper said, without elaborating. "The reports made by the inspectors show that all PLA units are actively performing self-examinations of their financial affairs and steadily rectifying problems and improving money management," PLA Daily noted. However, it said, some unit commanders misunderstood the intent of the campaign.

To push inspections forward, the PLA said in a notice sent to its units that commanders must lead financial checks. It urged inspectors to examine all expenses and revenues thoroughly.

The notice warns that anyone who falsifies evidence, conceals facts or refuses to return irregular expenses or income will be subject to internal discipline or criminal investigation.

Inspectors are urged to cooperate with disciplinary watchdogs and auditors and should help to close loopholes within the units they check.

The PLA launched the inspection campaign in February, expecting that one year would be needed to check its units' expenses and revenues for 2013 and 2014.

It pledged to crack down on embezzlement and the use of fake invoices, as well as off-book accounts set up to avoid scrutiny and hide irregular expenses.

"This is the strictest financial check I've ever seen," said a PLAair force lieutenant colonel in Beijing who spoke on condition of anonymity." They checked every invoice and expense statement we submitted in the past two years and would not let any single sheet slip.

"But all of my colleagues and I support the inspection because it will close loopholes that could be used by some corrupt officers, thus purifying the military and strengthening its combat capability."

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