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China's quality of nuclear reactors well controlled

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-04-14 21:23

BEIJING - The quality of all China's nuclear reactors under construction is well managed, a nuclear safety official said Tuesday, discounting questions regarding French-made equipment.

French nuclear engineering firm Areva discovered extra carbon in a vessel designed to contain the nuclear reactor at its Flamanville plant in northwest France, according to media reports. Areva has supplied equipment for the Taishan nuclear power plant in south China's Guangdong Province. Construction is close to completion.

"Generally, the Taishan plant's quality guarantee system is functioning effectively and its construction quality is under control," said Tang Bo, a National Nuclear Safety Administration (NUSA) representative.

NUSA had asked for a swift analysis and assessment of possible problems at the plant. It will also keep in close touch with the French Nuclear Safety Authority on relevant solutions to technique issues, according to Tang.

NUSA will not approve the loading of fuel into the Taishan units until the equipment issue is completely resolved.

China has 23 nuclear power generating units in operation and 27 under construction, about one third of the world's unfinished nuclear units.

China has always used nuclear facilities under the premise of safety and new nuclear projects must undergo strict assessment and examination in design and site selection in accordance with national nuclear safety law, said Tang.

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