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Equal treatment for customers in Kenya, China's embassy says

( Updated: 2015-03-26 22:10

A Kenyan newspaper on Monday reported that a Chinese restaurant in the country's capital, Nairobi, refused to serve Africans after 5 pm. The restaurant was quoted as saying that it did that out of security concerns. The incident has triggered criticism from local communities saying the restaurant should treat customers equally. Mao Yizong, spokesman of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, has made a statement here on this issue as follows:

The Chinese Embassy in Kenya expresses deep and sincere regrets over the recent spat over customer treatment between a privately-owned Chinese restaurant and Kenyan patrons.

On behalf of the Embassy, I declare that the conduct reported was wrong and unbecoming. It has caused unnecessary, yet avoidable, misunderstandings and threatened to jeopardize the mutual trust and friendship between the Chinese and Kenyan people. Following this tiff, the Embassy has thus far raised its concerns to and reprimanded the owner of the restaurant.

Much as the restaurant has in recent days suffered an armed robbery, the management of the Chinese restaurant ought to have taken thoughtful measures that would not result into what has been construed to be selective admission of certain persons. The owner of the restaurant has already expressed his apologies explicitly in major local media outlets and acknowledged his wrongdoing. We are sure the owner and management of the restaurant have learnt their lessons and believe all other owners of Chinese restaurants have taken note. We do not expect such reckless conduct from Chinese business people in Kenya forthwith. We shall deal with any repeat of such misconduct with the severity, firmness and alacrity it deserves.

China and Africa are and have been good brothers, friends and partners. China-Kenya relations have remained close and cordial and our mutual interests span a wide spectrum of common interests and extensive arenas of cooperation including development of infrastructure, trade, culture and education.

Should anyone encounter something that would lead to strife between the people of China and Kenya, do not hesitate to inform us for we are keen on creating a conducive environment of amiable co-existence between the people of China and Kenyans. Our ultimate goal is to enhance our friendship and promote cooperation between our two peoples. We are therefore ready and willing to listen and ensure that nothing dents the thriving relationship between the people of China and the people of Kenya.


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