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US and Venezuela urged to calm tensions

By Mo Jingxi ( Updated: 2015-03-11 21:25

China has called for Venezuela and the United States to properly manage their relationship amid growing tensions between Caracas and Washington.

"We hope the two sides can deal with their bilateral relationship based on equality, mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

Earlier, US President Barak Obama signed an executive order declaring Venezuela a national emergency threat and imposed additional sanctions on seven current and former Venezuelan officials over alleged human rights abuses and corruption.

As counter measures, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sought decree powers to counter US sanctions and announced the reduction of US embassy personnel in Caracas, a new visa system for all American tourists in Venezuela and an "anti-terrorist" list which banned several top US politicians from entering the South American nation.

"We have noticed related reports," Hong said, noting that a properly-handled Venezuela-US relationship will not only benefit the two countries and their people, but also lead to regional peace and stability.

"China believes that the Venezuelan government and its people have the ability to deal with their internal affairs to maintain stability and promote economic and social development," he said.

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