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Party promotion video becomes online hit

By Liu Wei ( Updated: 2015-02-09 17:39

A three-minute promotional video about the Communist Party of China (CPC) released on, the country's biggest online video-sharing website, has become a hot topic on the Internet, the Beijing News reported on Monday.

The video, dubbed in English with subtitles in both Chinese and English, has been watched more than 1.26 million times in the first 18 hours since being released on Youku's official account.

Zhang Taofu, a professor at the Journalism School of Fudan University, believes video offers a great angle to put ordinary people at center stage and give a full picture of China.

Apart from highlighting China's achievements, the video shows images of smog, massive crowds and congested traffic — typical issues in China — to explain current problems the country has been experiencing and attempting to solve.

The video shows the Chinese grassroots expressing thoughts about their dreams such as "wanting a good harvest next year", "starting a diner" and "wanting more pension" echoing the popular concept "Chinese Dream". The word "dream" is emphasized six times during the voiceover.

The concept of the "Chinese Dream" was first proposed by President Xi Jinping and aims to realize the rejuvenation of the nation, embodied in national prosperity and people's happiness.

It also contains a widespread quote from Xi's first speech, saying: "The pursuit of a good life is our goal to fight for".

According to Zhang, the human touch in the video clearly won support and likes among its audience. Also, it arrived at the right time when China is undergoing reform and change.

Many Internet users have been inspired by patriotic feelings. One said: "I believe we are, with our country, heading in a good direction, though we do face many problems".

According to the newspaper, the video was created and released in 2013 but didn't generate much response. It was also aired overseas during political exchanges, some of which were attended by members of the Communist Party.

As for the identity of the maker of the video, Fuxinglushang Studio, or "Road to revival Studio", remains a mystery.

The studio is well-known for making another popular five-minute cartoon video that illustrated the differences of becoming the president of a nation by using China, US and UK as three examples.

The full version of the video transcript:

This is an ancient

and youthful country

It is growing fast

yet with development disparities

It's full of opportunities

along with untold challenges

But its 1.3 billion people

all have their own dreams

I want a good harvest next year

I want to start a diner

I want some more pension

I want a pretty wife

I want purer sky and cleaner water

I want a world free of wars

Our people's dreams

are our goals

The 80 million CPC members

together with the entire population

are working for everyone's dream

For every dreamer to have a stage

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