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Beijing police investigate 7,398 terrorism tip-offs in 2014

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-01-14 22:09

BEIJING - Beijing police investigated 7,398 tip-offs related to terrorism and detained 426 people last year, local authorities said Wednesday.

The 426 detainees include suspected terrorists, rumormongers and those who disseminated terrorist propaganda online.

In addition, police ran 11 anti-terror drills in 2014, a spokesperson of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau said at a press conference.

As terrorist activity is on the rise, the police have improved their capability in intelligence, in handling emergencies and in the chain of command.

The number of robberies and murder hit a decade low last year with nearly 72.1 percent of such cases brought to a satisfactory conclusion. There were over 3,400 drug cases, up 51.7 percent and 148.6 kilograms of illegal substances were seized.

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