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Startup camp shares survival tips in digital era

(ECNS) Updated: 2015-01-05 19:07

Hundreds of people who want to survive and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment participated in a digital-era startup seminar in Beijing despite cold weather on Tuesday.

The seminar was organized by the non-profit organization Nankai Startup Camp.

Wang Zhen, an expert in social networking site-based marketing, said business models have been transformed in the Internet age, with word-of-mouth having become an important marketing tool.

"A revolutionary change has occurred involving thorough decentralization and disintermediation," he explained.

Wang also said that mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi had conducted textbook-like promotion by taking advantage of its fans.

Analysis of Big Data will help identify key fans and play a key role in initiating viral advertising, the expert noted.

Sheng Xitai, a ventral investor and also director of Nankai Startup Camp, said the emergence of new marketing methods centered on SNS also calls for innovative approaches in business startups.

Sheng said such enterprises need to pay attention to detail when choosing the right company name and deciding on a proper shareholding structure.

The Nankai Startup Camp was launched on September 20 by alumni of Nankai University, one of the most prestigious universities in China. Its Chinese name, Yunneng, is derived from the university's motto and means "Acquisition of All-round Capability."

The organization has already hosted thirteen seminars by well-known business leaders, bankers, and angel investors on a broad range of issues related to business startups.

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