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China bans national anthem at weddings

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-12 20:26

BEIJING -- The national anthem should not be performed or chanted at weddings and funerals or in commercial arenas, Chinese authorities said Friday.

Also banned is performing or chanting the anthem during entertainment activities such as balls or non-political celebrations, according to a statement issued by the Communist Party of China central committee's general office and the general office of the State Council.

The statement standardizes proper etiquette for the national anthem, which reflects national independence and liberation, a prosperous, strong country and the affluence of the people.

The national anthem may be played in the beginning of important celebrations or public political gatherings, formal diplomatic occasions or significant international gatherings.

It is also allowed during the national flag rising ceremony, at the beginning of important sports events, when Chinese athletes win in international sports games and at arenas where national dignity should be fought for and safeguarded. The anthem should be promoted in schools and kindergartens across the country, the statement read.

Local governments are urged to supervise performance of the anthem and those violating etiquette will be criticized and corrected, according to the statement.

China'a national anthem is "March of the Volunteers," with lyrics by poet Tian Han and music proposed by Nie Er.

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