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Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Indonesia bust drug cartel

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-06 07:50

BEIJING - Chinese mainland police and authorities from Taiwan and Indonesia joined forces in busting a transnational drug cartel and nabbing ten suspects, according to the Ministry of Public Security on Friday.

The ten suspects apprehended included five from Taiwan, four from the Chinese mainland and one Indonesian, said a ministry statement, adding that the group was headed by a Taiwan native, who was among the detained.

Police confiscated 27.3 kg of drugs, three guns, eight bullets, two vehicles and "a set of equipment for making drugs."

The case dates back to July when investigations by police in the city of Dongguan in south China's Guangdong Province uncovered the smuggling and selling of drugs and guns involving suspects from the mainland, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The mainland police notified Taiwan and Indonesian authorities about the case. Further investigations with assistance from the Taiwan side led to a raid on Oct. 22 in a Dongguan restaurant that saw more apprehensions.

Meanwhile, mainland police informed Indonesian authorities of two parcels containing drugs en route to the country, leading to the seizure of another three suspects by Indonesian authorities.

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