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China, India to hold anti-terror training drill

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-11-13 19:15

CHENGDU - The Chinese and Indian armies will hold a joint counterterrorism military training drill in the near future, a source with the Chinese military said on Thursday.

The drill, code-named "Hand-in-Hand 2014", will take place in the western Indian city of Pune, the source said, adding that the drill had been coordinated through talks between the two countries' leaders and military.

The date of the drill has not yet been released.

A company of 139 soldiers from southwest China's Chengdu Military Command will join their Indian counterparts and conduct drills in urban cities and townships.

The two sides will also send representatives to observe the drills.

The upcoming drill will be the fourth of its kind between the two countries' armies.

The first was in southwest China's Yunnan province in 2007; followed by another in Belgaum, India, in 2008; and in southwest China's Sichuan in 2013.

The previous three drills were focused on mountainous areas.

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