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University announces further joint programs with France

By WANG HONGYI in Shanghai ( Updated: 2014-11-12 16:50

East China Normal University in Shanghai has announced a new round of graduate student education cooperation with the ENS Group of France, a higher education institutions network.

From as early as 2002, ECNU has worked with the ENS Group of France to jointly cultivate post-graduate and doctoral students in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, European studies and life sciences. ECNU also established a Sino-French graduate school in 2005.

The new agreement signed between ECNU and the ENS Group on Tuesday is for a joint program in computer science and education.

"The Sino-French joint education program is a further move for ECNU to develop its international education strategy. It plays an important role in cultivating high-level international talent for the country," said Chen Qun, president of the university.

Since the education cooperation started in 2002, about 355 postgraduate and 155 doctoral students have enrolled in the programs. Eleven scientific research programs have also been established between ECNU and the ENS Group.

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