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Where there's a will, there's a safe place

( Updated: 2014-11-03 14:55

Five out of 7,000 wills kept in China Will Register Center have been executed after their owners passed away, according to The Beijing News on Monday.

The center has processed around 7,000 wills with 40,000 waiting in line since it started providing free services to the seniors in March last year.

Among the five wills that have been executed most of the owners divided their properties instead of spliting the estate equally.

One of the deceased gave his house to one child and left his entire assets to another. In another case, all bequests were given to a child who was most economically weak.

To ensure that the seniors write the will without any pressure, the Center requires them to complete the will in a special room without the presence of anyone, such as their children or any interested parties.

The privacy makes seniors feel free. According to a staff member, a senior came with her son and daughter-in-law and told her daughter-in-law that she will leave something for her, but left everything to her son when she went into the private room without their company.

The seniors have to pass a mental health assessment test before they make their will. The whole process is recorded and played as proof when children of the deceased come to the center.

"Most of the wills in our center involve properties," said Chen Kai, the head of the China Will Register Center. "Although we are seeing some unusual requests, such as shares of listed companies and golf club memberships."

China Will Register Center is a public welfare program launched early last year to protect the rights of the seniors.

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