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Scientist facing loss of top honor title for corruption

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-10-11 16:18

BEIJING - A renowned Chinese scientist on genetic breeding and cloning faces the possibility of being deprived of a top honor title in academics after it is suspected he was swindling research funds, the Chinese Academy of Engineering said Saturday.

Scientist facing loss of top honor title for corruption
Four professors arrested for swindling scientific funds 

Li Ning, professor at the Chinese University of Agriculture, was announced to have been arrested for obtaining state scientific research funds for a trans-gene biology project by misrepresenting the project, according to a statement published by China's anti-corruption watchdog revealed on Friday.

Harsh punishment will be given to Li in accordance with the constitution of the Chinese Academy of Engineering based on confirmed facts and verdict by judges, the spokesperson of the academy Dong Qingjiu told Xinhua.

According to the academy's constitution, as long as academics breach laws, harm national interests or are found scientifically immoral, they will be stripped of the honor title.

Eight professors from five universities including Li were found to be involved in unethically obtaining over 25 million yuan ($4 mln) of state scientific research funds. Four were arrested and two sentenced to jail.

The Chinese government spent 1 trillion yuan, or about 1.97 percent of its gross domestic product, on research and development in 2012 under its scientific innovation drive. The figure surpassed 2 percent for the first time to reach 2.05 percent in 2013. 

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