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China denounces US support for HK protest

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-10-11 07:30

China on Friday expressed strong dissatisfaction with a U.S. congressional report supporting the unlawful "Occupy Central" Hong Kong protest.

The Congressional-executive Commission on China released an annual report on Thursday saying the U.S. should follow Hong Kong's democratic development, enhance exchanges with the region and deploy senior officials there.

China denounces US support for HK protest

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei criticized the report, saying it attacks China's human rights record and law, distorts the facts and is fraught with bias on China's internal affairs.

"We firmly oppose it," Hong told a daily press briefing. "We demand that the committee stop damaging China-U.S. ties."

Hong stressed that no foreign government, organization or individual has the right to get involved in Hong Kong's affairs, which were a purely internal matter for China.

Foreign governments, organizations and individuals were urged to act prudently and not to provide support for the illegal occupation.


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